Prairie Spirit Connections Inc.



Prairie Spirit Connections Inc. is a non-profit, community-based organization that is dedicated to improving the conditions and well-being of Aboriginal people. Our primary focus is to assist the Aboriginal community by offering programs and services to help them reconnect with their traditional cultural heritage.  We promote a holistic, healthy and productive lifestyle. We offer a variety of programs, including support services, personal counselling, life skills training, referrals, agency liaison as well as cultural awareness through traditional teachings and activities. Prairie Spirit Connections also provides targeted support programs for men, women and families, particularly those families who have children in the care of Social Services. Individuals have access to Elders, ceremonies, traditional teachings and crafts. We use a strength-based approach, building on the positive strengths that individuals have. Prairie Spirit Connections provides a kind, caring and supportive gathering place. Come visit us soon!


Our Philosophy

We believe in the goodness of people, and with support and encouragement, they can be empowered to make positive changes in their lives. We use a holistic approach in our work and create an atmosphere of trust and encouragement, where individuals can imagine, dream and believe in themselves. We believe in treating each individual with dignity, respect and assist them to find their own answers.

Tipi with eagle

Our objectives

Prairie Spirit Connections Inc. focuses on helping individuals promote a healthy lifestyle while encouraging positive and responsible decision making.  The staff at Prairie Spirit Connections Inc. wants to empower and assist individuals to achieve whatever they set their hearts and mind to. Prairie Spirit Connections Inc. wants to enhance healthy and happy family relationships by inspiring individuals to find balance in their lives surrounding Mental, Emotion, Physical, and Spiritual aspects. Prairie Spirit Connections Inc. will help identify and seek our resources in the community that can assist individuals in a healthy and positive way.


Contact us

Prairie Spirit Connections Inc.
809 Victoria Avenue 
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Regina, Saskatchewan S4N 0R5 
Tel: 306.525.9682 
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