Prairie Spirit Connections Inc.

Resource Center

The primary focus of the Resource Center is to help and assist all those who enter our doors. We help you to access and make connections to the available services in the community. The Resource Center offers a broad range of services and support for individuals who are looking for a job, need help with a job application or interview, or are attempting to improve their skills in preparation for employment. We support individuals who have never been in the workforce or who have been unsuccessful at securing employment or are not being accepted into training programs because they may lack the prerequisites or skills to do so. Self-assessment tools are used to determine employment interests and qualifications. It is our intent to assist in any way we can.

Prairie Spirit Connections staff can help with basic life skills, spiritual and cultural sessions, one-on-one counselling, guidance, etc. We are here to help. We base our services on the principles of kindness and caring, and we honor the integrity of each person. We help you discover your inherent strengths and help you build on them.

We offer custom solutions, life skills training, and employment preparedness.  With custom solutions individuals can talk one on one with staff at Prairie Spirit Connections to determine needs, assess personal strengths and build on them, identify goals, and clarify barriers and continue to work through them.  Life skills training workshops provide individuals information on self-awareness, coping and self-management, communication skills, interpersonal skills and team building.  Employment preparedness information is offered through counselling and workshops that provide skills on assessment, resume writing, cover letter writing, employment, interviews, employer expectations, and much more information that will benefit your future career.